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Dent Doctor

Click hereWhat once was considered a luxury for only the high-end automobile enthusiasts has now become commonplace for the typical vehicle owner. With the recent rise in popularity, many individuals now include detailing as a significant part of an ongoing maintenance program geared toward preserving each vehicle’s overall value.

Although auto detailing was synonymous with ‘car washing’ in the past, today a professional detailing service involves so much more than simply washing your vehicle. Dent Doctor detailers begin the exterior process with a thorough hand wash.


Care is given to meticulously cleaning every detail of the vehicle, including areas typically overlooked such as the engine and undercarriage. Any minor surface blemishes, oxidation, and embedded dirt are thoroughly removed.

Following the application of a Teflon-based sealant to protect the paint and / or clear coat, wax is applied to enhance and preserve your vehicle’s lustrous finish.

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Dent DoctorDuring the buffing process, pads are replaced frequently to prevent dirt and grime from becoming embedded in the pads and being re-ground into the finish. Since this high quality sealant fills in any minor indentations, during the polishing phase a high gloss, showroom quality result can be achieved.


Next, all tires and rubber seals are dressed. Dent Doctor
auto detail team uses a non-silicone-based dressing to avoid the rubber cracking associated with long-term use of silicone dressings.


Interior treatment includes vacuuming and shampooing of carpets, floor mats, and upholstery; cleaning and conditioning the dashboard, trim panels, leather and / or vinyl, and ventilation system; and applying a dressing to all interior rubber areas.


Only the highest quality products are used to achieve showroom quality results.


Complete Auto Detail:


Remove Oxidation
Teflon sealant
Dressing Tires / Trim
Polish Chrome


Shampoo - Carpet, Floor Mats, Upholstery, Headliner, Trunk
Clean & Condition - Dash, Trim Panels, Leather, Vents, Jams

Removal Services:

Water Spots
Swirl Marks
Rail Dust
Tree Sap

Dent Doctor
Dent Doctor
Dent Doctor

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Dent Doctor
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